Sustainability throughout everything we do


Our Ingredients

iStock_000013384506XSmallAll soap from the Sugar Loaf Soap Company is made from natural, sustainable ingredients and handmade, hand cut and hand wrapped on a small scale. We do not use any synthetic ingredients such as SLS, SLES, Propylene Glycol, Petrochemicals or Parabens, nor do we use artificial colours or fragrances. We make no apologies for the natural, subdued colours present in our soap range – this is nature’s colour palette. The fragrances in our soaps are all as a result of 100% pure essential oils and the soaps with exfoliating properties are created using natural ground pumice, coffee or ground oatmeal. We are proud of our ingredients and plainly list them both on this site and on our products. We’ve worked hard to ensure that all our ingredients are supplied from sustainable sources, our organic palm oil being an example of this.


Our Production

philosophyOne of the great benefits of manufacturing handmade soap is the almost total lack of waste and very limited need for electricity. For example, we use a heat source to warm the oils present in our soap – the rest of the process is elbow grease! Added to this, all our ingredients keep for a reasonable length of time minimising waste. When we make soap any edges that are tidied up produce off-cuts of soap, these are used at home or re-made into homemade cleaning products. Soap is a perishable item but ours stays at its best for well over a year so careful production planning and friends and family looking for free soap ensure that nothing is wasted.


Our Packaging

iStock_000015366446XSmallWhen it comes to treating yourself or a loved one, we know that beautiful packaging can add that extra special look and feel to a gift. At Sugar Loaf we understand this but have worked hard to ensure that all this packaging is guilt free. When you’ve removed your gift items from the box the whole gift box and it’s contents can be put on the compost, reused or recycled. Other gifts such as our jute pouches, wash bags and hampers have been deliberately designed to feature reusable packaging.  We think that this fact alone makes our gorgeous gift range even more desirable.