Intensive Facial Serum


Nicknamed ‘the magic potion’ during testing, this intensive facial serum is a blend of highly potent plant oils providing the ultimate in skin-boosting nutrients.  Containing sweet almond, avocado, rosehip, calendula and jojoba oils, the serum is suitable for all skin types.  Just a few drops patted gently onto your cleansed face and neck in the evening will leave skin feeling soft and firm.  Subtle hints of rose and geranium essential oils also help to relax and promote well-being.



"Like you, I've tried many things over the years including expensive Clinique things. Even the hyper allergenic ones of those caused flare ups for me. Depressing! So in recent years (10 years?), after advice from the dermatologist, I've just been using Diprobase cream as both my cleanser and moisturiser. Hot flannel. No toner.

My first impression was from your film, which still makes me smile happily. I loved the fact that this was a natural product, put together through "trial and error" and that you'd used yourself as the tester. To be honest, it also helped a lot to know that you had had problem skin too, that built confidence and hope. But most of all what mattered was that it was natural stuff & not complicated, not daftly expensive, not animal tested, and it had worked for you (great story about your beautician). That combination was exciting.

My first impression on getting the oil & rose toner was delightful - beautiful packaging, and oh my word the scent!!! Loved that, so very much. The process was excellent, & I got the impression that my daily little facial massages with the oil were a good thing. I noticed very quickly that my dry skin was recovering. And the usual blemish problems seemed to be healing & shrinking faster. I also love the hot flannel bit, & again, the scents that go with it. I do believe the aromatherapy aspect is a bonus.

Once I added the facial serum before Christmas, everything has been on a pretty even keel. I've noticed that gently massaging the serum in problem areas does seem to give them a real healing boost.

So I'm basically a complete convert, I won't be using anything else. I think the collection is great value, you really don't use very much of the oil cleanser & tonic.

I'm looking forward to stocking them for my retreat guests too!"

- Sarah - Powys

"What a treat , leaves your skin feeling wonderful. Gorgeous packaging, and superb product"

- Mandy Freeman - Milford Haven