In the last few years we have undertaken a number of consultancy projects for a range of clients.  We’ve included some examples below so that you can see the range of collaborations we have been involved in.  If you would like to discuss an idea with us then we’d love to hear from you at


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Monkey Fist is a skincare brand developed specifically for climbers by climbers. Sugar Loaf teamed up with Monkey Fist in early 2014 to develop a balm suitable for accelerating the healing process for sore and torn hands.  Once we had a prototype that performed well and successfully met all the requirements, Sugar Loaf arranged for cosmetic safety testing and provided packaging solutions.  We continued to work closely after the brand’s launch in late 2014 and currently manufacture all Monkey Fist skincare and assist in research and development of future products.  Check out Monkey Fist at




The Gliffaes Country House Hotel is a beautiful local landmark, known for it’s fine food, beautiful rooms and incredible fishing.  The owners of Gliffaes approached Sugar Loaf back in 2012 to develop a quality handmade soap suitable for use in a busy, 24-room hotel. Working to satisfy a balance between providing an individually-wrapped soap of appropriate size whilst minimising environmental impact, we created the circular, wrapped soaps you’ll find on our Guest Soaps page.  Sugar Loaf supply the Gliffaes with a large guest soap order every month and have worked with the hotel to offset this cost by successfully retailing our full-sized bars and balms in their reception hall.  You can learn more about this wonderful hotel at



We regularly work witExperimentsh private individuals who would like to adapt our existing products or present them in a different way.  Perhaps you’d like a vegan-friendly version of our balms, or have a certain allergy that you need to work around?  We will work with you to clarify exactly what you need.  From there we develop prototypes for you to try and then work to incorporate any changes you’d like to make.  Once we have a recipe that you are happy with we can produce a bulk order, or smaller regular orders, as well as handling any packaging requirements you may have.  This service is very popular and is used for all sorts of situations from wedding favour orders to developing soaps or skincare for clients going through chemotherapy.


Important notes;

Please be aware that any recipe that differs from the products already produced by Sugar Loaf will attract a fee to cover cosmetic testing and EU legislation costs.  If you require a completely bespoke formulation please be prepared for any quote to include research and development time, as well as the purchase of any test ingredients and/or equipment that may be required.  Similarly, bespoke packaging or printing will incur costs.  We endeavour to keep this service as affordable as possible but like to make you aware of the ‘behind the scenes’ legislative responsibilities so that it doesn’t come as a shock!  We will always provide you with a full quotation before any agreement to work together is made.